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Gay Story Games Is Here With Interactive Erotica

There are so many mediums through which you can get adult entertainment these days, and all of them are evolving. But we are here with a niche that was created by merging two porn mediums together. Gay Story Games is coming with a collection in which the erotica stories have been mixed together with adult games, and the result is simply amazing. These are the text based games in which you will get the feeling of a graphic novel, but also the interactivity of a sex game. These stories will steer themselves based on your personality and fantasies, by having you make decisions at key points in the plot line. These decisions will actually matter and there are dozens of possible paths and endings on which each game can go.

Everything on Gay Story Games is coming to you in HTML5, which means a more complex gameplay and also cross platform availability that will let you enjoy hardcore gaming on any device you might have. You will be able to play these games on computer and mobile, no matter if you are using a Mac, a PC or smartphones and tablets running on Android or iOS. Everything is played directly in your browser, with no need for any kind of extension. And the best part about our site is the fact that everything is coming to you for free. You won’t even have to register on our site before playing. Just confirming that you are 18 or older will open up this entire collection of sex games for you.

The Hottest Adventures Can Be Experienced On Gay Story Games

Some of you might think that just because we are a site that has erotica themed games, we will only come with romance stories. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of them. But we feature adventures on all levels of intensity. On the one hand, we have stories that are indeed all about romance, with first time gay experience and relationship drama that will surely be enjoyed by the right guys. We even have girls who are playing these games, because sometimes, the ladies indulge into some good boy-on-boy action. But on the other hand, we also come with some of the craziest sex adventures on the web, which are going to deliver some kinks that are maybe too extreme for some players. So, we let you with a warning. We have stories of total domination and submission on this site, and even some rape role play fantasies that are not for everyone.

The beauty of the Gay Story Games collection is in the gameplay and in the level of immersion that the gameplay is offering. You will feel exactly what the main character feels, because the experiences are described in the smallest details. That is why, these are the best games to please some of your deepest fantasies. We come with incest stories, we come with sugar daddy adventures and there is so much more waiting for you. You just need to explore our library and you will surely find something that will suit your fantasies. We’ve properly tagged all content and we even have some short descriptions written for each of the games.

Olay All These Erotica Games Online With No Worries

The site that we are offering is not only coming with games. It also comes with community features that will let you interact with other players. So far we managed to implement comment sections for each of the games and a message board where you can discuss all kinds of topics. We are still working on launching a chat room for our platform. It takes so long because we wanted to make this entire website completely safe and discrete. Every game can be played with no registration and you won’t need an account to post comments or to interact with players in the message board. On top of that, the connectivity to our servers is encrypted, so that no one will ever know your IP when you game on our site. Not even our team. You are free to explore any side of your sexuality with these erotica porn games we offer.

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